This is an open partnered comp designed for seasoned Balboa competitors.  Dancers will sign up and compete with a partner for three stages of the challenge:






Cost: $40 per couple


*This round will be up to your interpretation.  Want to throw down like Hal and Marge? Awesome! Want to keep it casual like Bart or keep it elegant and feminine like Ann? Great! Been working on your Willie inspired movements? We want to see it!  Whether you want to portray their jitterbug spirit, show off their unique footwork or just throw down, this is your chance to share how the original Balboa dancers have inspired you and your dancing!



1st Place Couple - $1000

2nd Place Couple - $500

3rd Place Couple - $200



This partnered comp is designed for Balboa competitors who no longer qualify to compete in our Amateur division and is open to any dancer who meets the criteria stated below*.  Dancers will sign up and compete with their selected partner for the entire competition.  

Please be aware that prelims for this competition happen on FRIDAY at 5:45pm

Cost: $20 per couple

*Challenger definition: Dancers in this category have never made finals in an OPEN level Balboa couples competition at ABW or CalBal in the last 5 years.  Professional dancers are allowed to compete in this division if they meet the previously stated criteria.  Dancers who have made finals in an Open Mix & Match division, but who have not placed in that division in the last 5 years, are also eligible to compete in this division.


This is an amateur* partnered comp designed for non-professional Balboa competitors.  Dancers will sign up individually and then compete with a randomly assigned partner in finals.  

Please be aware that prelims for this competition happen on FRIDAY at 5:15pm

Cost: $10 per contestant

*Amateur definition: Dancers do not teach Balboa outside their home scene and have not placed in any of the top three placements in a previous Ameteur Balboa competition at any of these events: ABW, CalBal, ILHC or made finals in the Open division of any of those same events.



This is a novice competition designed for new Balboa competitors who are looking to boldly start exploring the competition world.  To ensure that these dancers will have the best first experience we can give them, we will be randomly partnering each novice dancer with an advanced dancer for the competition.  Only the novice dancer will be judged.  To qualify to compete in this competition you must meet the following requirements:


Cost: $5 per novice competitor

*The only exception to this requirement is if the only Balboa comp you have competed in previously is this one (or a novice Balboa comp elsewhere) AND you did not make finals. You are still eligible to compete in this competition.


**This is a copy of our 2018 Competition Schedule is for reference only.  Our 2019 schedule has not yet been published and is subject to some minor tweaks and adjustments.***



We know you probably have a lot of questions regarding the competitions this
weekend. Below is a handy Q&A to get you started, accompanied by a detailed
supplemental competition schedule for the weekend.

Q: I haven’t registered for a competition, but I’d like to compete. Is it too late to sign up?

A: NO! We’d absolutely love to have you sign up and compete! Especially leads! If you’re thinking of competing in the Ad/Nov but haven’t signed up, you should absolutely DO IT! Competing is a fun way to connect with new people and show off your dance, and you MIGHT WIN A PASS TO A GREAT EVENT! 


For the Amateur Draw and Challenger Throwdown, you have until Friday at 4:30 to register for the competition of your choice by either emailing our head of enlistment Tim McIntire HERE or in person at the registration desk at Balast Off!


For the 3-Stage Open and Ad/Nov competions, you have until Saturday at 5:00 to register for the competition of your choice by either emailing our head of enlistment Tim McIntire HERE or in person at the registration desk at Balast Off!

Q: Where should I go for my competition?

A: All prelims will be held at UAH, in Ballroom B! This is the same location as your classes all weekend! This is the location for the Mandatory Competitors’ Meeting ahead of each prelim, as well. All Finals will be held at the Flying Monkey Theater at the Lowe Mill, with the competitor’s meeting next to the registration desk at the Flying Monkey.


Q: When should I arrive for my competition?

A: You should arrive at the start of the competitors’ meeting for your competition. If you are not present when your name is called during check-in at that meeting, you will be marked as a SCRATCH and not allowed to compete. PLEASE BE ON TIME! 


Q: When will I get my Competitors’ Number?

A: At the mandatory competitors’ meeting before your competition.


Q: When does my competition start?

A: It depends on your comp! Each comp will have a prelims round. This round will promptly follow classes on Friday at Saturday. The finals for each comp will happen during the main dances on Friday at Saturday.


Prelim Details:

The Amateur Draw will be our first competition of the weekend, beginning at 5:25 on Friday. This will be IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWED by the Challenger Throwdown, so Amateur Draw competitors: stick around and cheer on the folks in the Throwdown!


On Saturday, comps will start with the 3-Stage Open at 6:00, followed immediately by the Ad/Nov Prelims, so just like on Friday, Ad/Nov competitors should stick around and cheer on the people in the 3-Stage Open! 


If you are not present when your name is called at the competition start, you will SCRATCH and not be allowed to compete, so make sure to stay in the competition room once you arrive!


Finals Details:
If you make finals or are an alternate, you MUST be present for the competitors’ meeting that night! See the attached Comp Schedule for a complete finals schedule for the weekend.

Q: When will I know if I made finals?

A: Our team will tabulate scores from the prelims as quickly as possible immediately following the prelim rounds! Finalists will be posted to Facebook on the Balast Off! page, and a copy of the finalists will be posted at the registration desk the night of each dance!


Q: When will the Awards Ceremony be?

A: All winners and placements will be announced on Saturday night/Sunday Morning during the late night at 1 AM! So stick around to congratulate your competition winners!


Q: I have another question that wasn’t answered here. Where can I find that information?

A: The first step is to look around on here on the website. In the unlikely event that your question wasn’t answered here, please contact your competitor liaison for the weekend, Adam Wilkerson through Facebook messenger or via email at